Temporary Kitchen Canada

Temporary Kitchen Canada is an extension of Temporary Kitchens 123 in the US whose been leading the mobile kitchen industry for the past 20 years. We are bringing our top-of-the-line mobile kitchen trailers in Canada to serve different industries such as hospitals, schools and universities, hotels, restaurants, food parks, and even catering events. Our mobile kitchen trailers passed all health and building standards in Canada. Each trailer is designed by our licensed engineer to make sure that we comply to all health and building guidelines.

We make sure that everything you have in your commercial kitchen, you will find in our temporary kitchens. Our unit includes the following:

1. 3-compartment sink

2. Handwashing

3. Griddle-oven-combination

4. 3-door refrigerator

5. Ansul fire suppression system, and many more.

Our goal is to provide exactly what our customer’s needs so we can also customize our kitchens to your specific requirements.

Aside from our kitchens, we also have other mobile support units:

a. Mobile refrigerated trailer

b. Mobile dishwashing unit

c. Temporary refrigerated container

d. Dining hall tent

e. Restroom trailers

So if you’re looking for a complete solution to your mobile kitchen needs, contact Canada Temporary Kitchens 123 now at 1-800-550-0065. Our friendly licensed representatives are sure willing to discuss with you all the exciting opportunities our mobile kitchen trailers and support units can give you and your business.

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